woman’s custom golf club fitting

I’m Dolores,

I’m the owner of this wonderful company, and I’m a Breast Cancer Survivor. Golf and the wonderful people at the Breast cancer foundation and Play for Pink, helped me to become a survivor! With my love of the game, and the peace of mind it brought me during my fight with cancer comes my reason for owning a world class custom golf club fitting company. To help other’s enjoy the game as I do, to end the struggle we all find with off the shelf golf clubs and the complete lack of information and dis-information we get from the Golf Manufacturing Industry in general.

I could never find a women’s golf club set I could play well, nor was I ever treated fairly by big box store salespeople. They would give me something I thought was pretty and it never mattered if it was right or wrong for me. Which is most of the reason, we women struggle to become proficient at golf. The golf industry doesn’t take us seriously! Our goal is to provide the best possible service for anyone that wants the advantages they deserve with golf equipment at a price that is affordable for top quality golf equipment.

We help you understand what will help improve your golf game with custom fit golf clubs, taking the time to help you find what is the solution to your individual needs.

Who could I trust more than my family to take care of your needs and my reputation for providing the best services available. with over 44 years of experience in custom golf club work sitting under my roof! That’s why Perfect Lies Golf will become your solution to all your custom club fitting need’s, see why we say “Experience the difference custom club fitting makes” with Perfect Lies Golf. We feature a performance gurantee! Contact us and experience the difference yourself. We proudly support Breast Cancer research and a portion of every sale goes toward this foundation, to help others become a survivor too.

We are a full Service Custom Golf Fitting Studio

Our Certified Technicians care for a woman’s custom golf club fitting needs Face it ladies, we have a few things that can affect our game!

Everything custom in custom fit golf Clubs

We research the Golf Industry so you dont have to! We search constantly for new equipment to benefit a women’s custom golf club set needs. Products that are a legitimate benefit to all golfers, not just a hokey gimmick, but truly work.

From our unique Dynamic Frequency Fitting system, designed to be able to determine the exact full golf shaft loading profile that best suits a woman’s golf swing, for perfectly fit and matched custom golf club sets. To our custom golf club building techniques, which are is based on the same engineering standards used by all OEM GOlf Equipment manufacturers in research and development, unfortunately they dont use it to build your clubs. Check out our Performance Guarantee, find another custom golf club builder that will give you that.

Perfect Lies Golf is your answer to having the best possible custom fit golf clubs for your unique and individual custom golf club needs, without feeling taken advantage of or refinancing your home. We will take the time to help you understand what is best for your custom fit golf club needs and what will work for you, no pressure, you have questions we have answers.There is nothing that we do that is anything except truly custom golf club work, with our custom built golf club sets; although we do regrip clubs. We even make sure you are measured properly for a precise fit for your grip, see if the big box stores do that for you. Did you know that having a golf grip undersized by as little as 1/16th of an inch can cause you to slice the ball? Neither do the big box stores ; )

Services we provide include

Custom Golf Club Fitting with our exclusive Dynamic Frequency Fitting System

Including : Driver, woods, hybrids,Irons , wedges, and dont forget Putters! Putters are one of the most important fittings you need and definitely the most overlooked, book a putter fitting today!

Custom Loft and lie bending

ensuring proper striking angles and part of being truely custom fit

Golf Club Gap adjustment

Does the distance you consistently hit some of your irons overlap the club above or below it? We can fix that!

Custom Built Golf Clubs

We build custom fit golf clubs one way, frequency matched custom golf clubs. Whether its a new set or a new shaft, we only build frequency matched golf clubs, matched to your unique full shaft loading profile. All shafts are individually spine aligned, frequency and weight sorted, then the clubs are custom swing weight balanced to fit you. That has to be expensive your thinking! Wrong, we charge the same as any big box store does for the old fashioned stick and glue method, shafts in labels up, and cut to manufacturers recommended lengths. $25 per club basic installation plus the cost of components

Golf Club Set design and development

Regardless if your a scratch Golfer or just starting, choosing the proper golf clubs to make your ultimate golf club set is a big decision. Let us help you determine what is the best combination of golf clubs in a golf set for your needs. Avoid the semi-annual trade up sales, get what you need the first time with us. Have a golf club set you purchased at a big box store, cant play them, give us a call we’ll help you by analyzing your golf clubs and your unique golf swing, and help you fix the problem.

Premium Golf Shafts

From the industries top performance manufacturers, that’s all we sell, and just because they are premium golf shafts, that doesnt mean they are expensive. We have a wide selection of shafts that perform from under $10 per shaft. We feature: Accra, KBS and UST/Mamiya Tour SPX shafts, we give you the power to perform, read our Shafts page to understand why these companies set the standards for excellence in the golf industry

Golf Club Heads

We give you the power to perform, Tom Wishon Golf Technology is just that, performance at every level. No Blind promises, no OEM media hype, no lies, just performance. We can provide any manufacturer you like, we ask you to take the performance challenge if you are skeptical. All golf clubs are not created equal, see why industry design leader Tom WIshon Golf Technology sets the bar for true performance, they are why we offer a performance Guarantee. We cant do that with other OEM’s because we know they can be beat.

Custom Golf Putter’s

truly custom built Golf Putters for you, with individual characteristics that make the difference between an eagle and a birdie. Custom adjustment of loft, lie, face angle, head weighting, back weighting, toe weighting, length and grip type are only a few of the things we address with our custom fit golf putters. Come see our collection of golf putters, Progressive new face and head types and also retro old school performance putter heads. Wishon Technology designs, the only thing you need is to be fit.

Performance Golf Training Aids

Avoid the marketing rip offs for every little device that is supposed to make it better for you, try the ones that we know will give you an edge in your golf game. Visit our performance Golf training page for some of the products we feel are an honest and useful tool to improving your golf game.

Everything Custom For Your Golf Game

With pricing below big box cost

Service they cant begin to provide

technical knowledge they don’t understand

True custom service they cant provide