Fairway Woods

Not always your second shot, with Wishon head’s you always own the shot

Tom Wishon Design Technology Fairway Wood designs are the forefront of what’s hot. We don’t need to shout about their performance, they speak for themselves. Ever notice the quiet competition, doesn’t need to advertise. Performance is there advertisement, word of mouth is all they need. Wishon design Fairway woods don’t need to speak, they just do.

“Performance, that’s what its about to us, consistent, unwaivering performance”

Wishon designs give us just that. Simple, why argue?

925 HL

Full Game Improvement for Slice Reduction Offered in 3-wood through 9-wood

925HL is Designed to Reduce a Slice or Fade through its semi-offset hosel and closed face angle. The semi-offset hosel is slight and is pleasing to look at in the playing position.

Investment Cast from 431 Stainless to Allow Bending for +/-2* Lie and Face Angle Changes – requires woodhead bending machine or ask TWGT to perform the lie and face angle custom specs when you order.

Variable Thickness Face Design offers an increase in off-center distance and impact feel
Each 925HL Fairway Woodhead has 2 Weight Bores to expand your fitting options to achieve normal swingweight ranges over a wider variety of different shaft weights and lengths.

925HL Woods Can be Used as Long Iron Replacement Clubs – some golfers have more confidence with a fairway wood over a hybrid. 925HL becomes an option to replace low loft irons because the designs include a 7 and 9 wood (3 and 4 iron replacements).

925HL Fairway Woodheads are Available in RH and LH – RH in #3, 4, 5, 7 and 9. LH in #3, 5, and 7.​

929 HS

929HS Fairway Woods

Shallow Face, High COR Face Design for Distance with Ease of Playability
New Soft Stainless Hosel Allows Custom Lie and Face Angle Fitting

304 Stainless Steel Hosel is separately welded to the body to enable ease in bending for a wide range of custom lie and face angle bending (+/-4*).
31mm Shallow Face Height is ideal for golfers who play off firm, short grass fairways orfor golfers who need more confidence getting the ball well up to fly.
HS 350 High Strength Steel Thin Face allows for a high COR for increased ball speed and superb off center hit performance.
Reduced Face-to-Back Sole Width reduces the sole to ground contact for more consistent contact with the ball, even from the rough.
Available in RH in #2 (12°), #3 (14°), #4 (16.5°), #5 (18°), and #7 (21.5°), in Left hand #3 (15°), #5 (18.5°)

949MC Fairway woods

The High COR 949MC Fairway Woods are Even Better with their Re-Design in 2011 and will be replaced by the 950 early 2015
New CNC Precision Engraved Scorelines replaces the former laser etched lines to channel moisture away from the face at impact from wet grass and rough for more penetrating ball flight.

2nd Weight Bore on the Sole to allow clubmakers to use a wider range of lengths and shaft weights to achieve more swingweight (MOI) fitting options for golfers.

Forged, High Strength Steel Cup Face for high COR delivers the highest possible 1.49 smash factor – never thought possible from a fairway wood.

Semi-Shallow 32mm Face Height combines with the high COR face design to offer a superb high performance design with the confidence to easily hit the ball high and far.

Tapered Crown Wall Thickness Design gradually increases the wall thickness at the rear of the head to create a more rear CG position for slightly higher launch angle.

Available in RH in lofts of 14 (#3), 16.5 (#4), 18 (#5) and 21.5 (#7).

The 949MC fairway woods were awarded the Golf Digest Hot List award for best fairway woods for 2008.