We are Certified UST/Mamiya Tour SPX Shaft Fitters Experience the difference Custom GOlf CLub shafts make in your game

Don’t just get the shaft, ………………. Get fit for the right one!
Whatever type of Golfer you are …………………………..UST/Mamiya has the right shaft for you

Whether your a weekend warrior, once a year at the company outing, or the daily die hard, UST has a shaft that is perfect for you. You deserve the combination of the right feel. That’s why we recommend UST shaft’s, across the board, the right feep for every player. Pioneering research in graphite shafts as no other competitor. Every line of shaft’s is from innovation of design from necessity for you, the player.

From there Recoil series designed to outperform steel shafts for use in Irons, to there development of Torque fitting, one of the most critical aspects to feel and playability in our minds and theres too. Every line of shafts has a reason, and always performance in mind. Fortunately for us we are a certified Tour SPX dealer, with that designation comes great rewards for excellence in abilities. We get the shafts that are USt/Mamiya’s Prototype shafts, these are not available at your local Big Box store, or for that matter ANY OEM MANUFACTURER’S, only available through certified Tour SPX distributor’s.

Come and experience the difference a true “Custom Fitting” makes in your game.
See UST’s full shaft lines standard UST shafts and Tour SPX Shafts.