True Prototype shafts available only through Certified Tour SPX distributors

Lucky for you, we are your fitter’s

As a UST/Mamiya Tour SPX we are privileged to offer you shafts your friends will only be able to get in a year or two.

That’s right, a year or two is when the OEM’s and big box stores that your friends go to for the semi annual golf club trade in sale will be able to have the advantage we can afford to you now. All UST/Mamiya Tour SPX shafts are only available to Tour SPX Certified Dealers, and PGA Pro’s. You can only get performance like that through our facility. Because of our exacting standards of custom golf club fitting and being certified Golf Technician’s we rise above the rest. Performance is our only concern, “to ensure that every golfer has the advantage of custom built clubs tailored specifically to there unique needs”, we even have a performance guarantee.

Performance,that’s what Perfect Lies Golf is all about. From our custom golf fittings, with our exclusive Dynamic Frequency Fitting system, combining exact shaft loading profile and shaft bend profile fitting to give you the best possible performance. Our technicians build perfection, using an exacting 25 point build process that cross checks to ensure the best possible finished clubs, without considering we only build custom frequency matched golf Club set’s built to match exactly the golf fitting club you tried and approved. Built to exacting tolerances, every custom golf club we build is built to within 6/10ths of 1 CPM of the specified frequency slope you were fit to, with the total deviation of flex within a set not to exceed 1 CPM. That is 1/10th of a flex total deviation throughout a set, the average OEM golf club set has 1.4 full flexes of total deviation from specified flex in the irons only! When compared using frequency matching standards (FM Precision Frequency matching scale 5.0, 6.0 etc. )
This is why we choose UST/Mamiya Shafts, performance we can guarantee and stand behind.

Whatever your golf shaft needs are, UST/Mamiya Tour SPX has a performance shaft for you, including an individual serial number and Blueprint of that shaft, if you ever brake it, dont worry all we need is the serial number and they can duplicate that exact shaft for you under warranty, that’s precision. That’s unheard of in the Golf Industry, That’s UST/Mamiya Tour SPX.