Tom Wishon founder of Tom Wishon GOlf Technology has been an advocate of performance golf technology for almost 3 decades, no other manufacturers in the industry advocates for “Truth in Golf Technology and advertising” more than Tom. Tom is a man of his word and brings not only integrity but pure performance in every design he brings to market. All of our clients have come to us frustrated with the performance of there trendy and expensive equipment, never quite understanding why even with that extra “20 Yards” per club they still struggle to bring on there game. Unfortunately what they dont know, that extra “20 Yards” they think they are getting is actually doing more damage than good. The part they werent told was that “20 Yards” also affects there Gap, consistancy, accuracy, and most of all there ability to have confidence, real confidence and consistent performance in their clubs

“Tom Wishon Golf Technology gives us the Power to give you Performance with his head designs.”

Here are some of Tom Wishon’s explanation’s of performance and design characteristic’s