Why Wishon Golf Heads Outperform all OEM Brands

Two Reasons: 1) They have to in order to stay competitive and in business 2) Truth in design, you ask whats that? Tom Wishon Golf Technology was developed by Tom Wishon, a golf club designer and developer that has worked in the Golf industry for 4 decades, for many of the top OEM manufacturers. Tom Wishon, is a designer of character, with a unique goal in mind, truth in advertising, production and performance, and the integrity to put his name on every design he makes. A designer that puts the best interest of Golfers as his first priority, not the bottom line as do the OEM’s.

Tom Wishon Design technology products have won on not only the PGA Tour, but the PGA Champions Tour and The Ryder Cup Tour as well. With over 50 club design innovation firsts, to his name, we challenge you to find another designer that can say that. Many OEM’s can’t even claim that, this is truth in design and development, cutting edge design and performance from a “Boutique Company” with providing you the golfer, pure performance as there major goal. Drivers to putters and every club in between, nothing but money shots.

Tom’s design intent is first and foremost true performance, with all the Golf Manufacturing companies in the world at our fingertips offering clubs to us for our own personal use at highly discounted rates. We chose Tom Wishon GOlf Technology for our personal clubs. Because the feel and playability that Wishon designs have, we dont need to mix and match clubs in our bags. Tom Wishon Golf Technology, has a head that exceeds the needs of every golfer, so you can bring on your game. Wishon doesn’t do it with hype and media gimmicks, they bring it on with pure performance.

Sure, there are other OEM’s out there that have great clubs. However in our combined 70 plus years of golf experience, we know that recommending a Wishon design will not disappoint our customers, or leave them wondering if they could do better with the latest add on the Golf Channel. We have no reservation in explaining to any customer our understanding and experience with Tom’s designs, “There is no OEM that can compete and provide to every Golfer a more complete selection of what we call “Players clubs” except Tom Wishon Golf Technology.

Clubs that give you the feel of the ball, and have the capability to transmit the feel and control you need to master this incredible game through the golf head. That special touch of confidence, other OEm’s may claim that feel but in reality they have 1 set, besides the Tour or Competition level sets they are known for that perform. Just because there tour heads perform, that doesn’t mean the rest of their designs are playable and perform. It means you bought a new club from an OEM and helped support clubs, balls, hats and T shirts on players for the GOlf Channel, yes its a new club you are buying with a brand name, and that’s it. Until you get into the Tour and Competition level of clubs, with any other OEM manufacturer, in our opinion the designs are so poorly made in the name of profit margins, they are incapable of transmitting the characteristics of a players club, giving you what you need to get performance, except Wishon designs, they have a head for every player. Only Tom Wishon Golf Technology has the broad spectrum across the board performance in every category, for every type of player.

From first time golfer, to Tour Pro, WIshon design’s give us what no other OEM can, “Pure Performance” at every level. Thats why we have our performance guarantee, if you can find another OEM club that out-performs a Wishon design we built for you, in the same measured club face angle and the same design intent, we will give you a refund. Thats confidence in a product, no compromise, no marketing hype, just pure performance, guaranteed. Perfect Lies Golf and Tom Wishon Golf Technology, we not only set your balls on fire, we give you the money shot!

Ask the golf shaft guru what works, we will not only introduce you to design’s that give you extraordinary performance at a practical price, we will show you the engineered difference in quality. We dont have million dollar marketing budgets, nor do we care to, we give our customers, bragging rights. What would you prefer the latest OEM design and refinancing your house to have them, or the low score on the card at the 19th hole? We prefer to win, Tom Wishon Golf Technology designs, breed winners.

Tom Wishon Golf Technology

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