My club fitting experience with Perfect Lies Golf has far exceeded my expectations of simply building a customized set of clubs. I found Perfect Lies Golf on Wishons website 1 year ago while researching technical aspects of swings and clubs due to dissatisfaction with recent wedge and putter fittings with name brands at my local course’s shop.

They called me right back and met me at the range to evaluate my swing characteristics. They built me a fantastic set of irons, wedges and hybrids (wishon heads/KBS shafts), multiple putters (as I experiment with putting strokes and specs) and we are far from done.

Everything from the fine details of flex, torque, head weight, lie angle, length and grip is carefully evaluated and matched. They are truly a shaft and club head doctor/craftsman who love to share their knowledge and help golfers find and enjoy their game.

I’ve developed a new passion for the technical aspects of swing and equipment and this combined with the proper fitted tools has undoubtedly helped improve my game, which in the end is what this is all about. Perfect Lies Golf is very responsive, very interested and a pleasure to work with. They become your lifelong golf partner, not just a transaction.

Jon Chappaqua NY

I had the extreme good fortune to meet TC last year when my swing teacher suggested I get fitted for a new driver. He recommended TC at Perfect Lies Golf and said he would dial it in better than anybody else in the area. He was absolutely correct. TC built me a driver that not only added 20-30 yards, the dispersion was greatly reduced. What this really translates into is standing on the tee with less tension and not worrying about spraying the ball all over the place. Throughout the fitting process, TC and I became friends and he took a look at my irons. He could tell by watching the ball flight that something wasn’t quite right, so he took my irons back to his shop to check them out. (sadly for me, I was fitted for these irons earlier in the year by a notable club fitter in the area ). His findings explained why I was struggling on the course. The clubs had the wrong shafts for my swing speed and were cut and assembled in a very shabby and haphazard fashion. Not to mention that they were way too short for my 6’3″ height. TC refitted my Callaway irons with the correct shaft profile and I now have a ball flight that I’ve never been able to achieve with any other club I’ve ever owned.

For anybody who wants to improve their game, it makes no sense to buy clubs off the shelf at some huge golf store. I would highly recommend Perfect Lies Golf to get dialed in to the right shaft and the right club

Jon writes:

“TC is a true artisan and club fitting guru. If you think you’ve been properly custom fit before, think again. Halfway through reading Tom Wishon’s book, “The New Search for the Perfect Golf Club”, I was convinced I needed to rework my golf equipment and I found Perfect Lies Golf on Wishon Golf’s recommendation list of independent custom clubmakers.

My fitting experience with TC was unparalleled and I learned volumes about my swing and equipment needs. For my iron fitting, TC patiently spent 3 1/2 hours with me on an outdoor range going through a systematic process that he’s perfected. The process involved trying many different combinations of shafts and clubheads plus having a continuous dialogue about what I was sensing and feeling with each shot. The communication aspect was what I found so enlightening and educational. Through the course of the fitting, I essentially learned a new vocabulary describing various feelings in my golf swing and had some “a ha” moments during the process.

TC would keep asking me various questions after each shot:

– ‘Can you feel where the clubhead is at the top of the backswing?’
– ‘Is the clubhead staying with you?’
– ‘Is it ahead of you or behind you?’

At first I didn’t understand the questions and didn’t know to respond. The reality was that with my previous golf equipment, I never had a good feel for where the clubhead was throughout my swing and this was clearly a recipe for inconsistency. All this changed as we zeroed in on the right club fit for me. I began to swing more effortlessly with smoother tempo and transition and with crisp contact and straight ball flight. Like a lightbulb turning on, I felt the clubhead “staying with me” throughout the swing.

We settled on Miura CB57 irons with UST Mamiya Recoil 680 F4 shafts. What was most surprising to me was that TC fit me to a D5 swingweight. This was another “a ha” moment for me. Most off-the-rack men’s clubs are built to a lighter D0-D2 swingweight. It turns out that my whole golfing life up to this point I could not truly sense where the clubhead was in my backswing because I had been playing with clubs whose swingweights were too light for me!

In addition to the Miura irons, I had TC rework my hybrids and wedges with the same Recoil shafts. Now my 3 hybrid though 59 degree wedge are all frequency slope and swingweight matched. TC says it will take 10-15 rounds with my new clubs to get fully acclimated to them and trust my natural swing on the course. Nonetheless, my very first round with my full reworked set, I shot my low round of the season so far–beating my previous record on that course by 3 strokes. I thought I had been happy with my wedges before, but TC worked some magic into them and really made them come alive. My playing partners said I couldn’t miss with my short game.

The adage from golf pros and instructors to “swing effortlessly” is a good one to follow. The problem is that most amateur golfers have ill-fitted equipment to do so. Go see TC and he’ll unleash the effortless potential in your golf swing! He’s the real deal.”

Roger C
June 2016

Jim H Writes :

An artist, engineer and all-around great guy in equal proportions are how I would describe TC.

I had the pleasure of undergoing a fitting and club build with TC during March-May of this year – it lasted that long because what started off for me as “I only want a driver fitting” broadened into my 3 wood, hybrid and irons. In any event, let me begin at the beginning.

TC is one thorough guy. The fitting process begins with answering a questionnaire about your game, common shot type and equipment objectives. TC processes all of this information and has it stored away in his head when you go through for your fitting. On of TC’s key objectives is to help you eliminate your common “miss” shot which, while a function of your technique, can also be greatly alleviated through the right adjustment to your equipment. I say “right adjustment” because this is where TC works his magic. He understands that shot shape is a function of where the club face points at impact relative to club path, and that the ability of a golfer to unload the club face so that it is square at impact gives the player the greatest chance of starting the ball on line. Since all players unload the club shaft differently depending upon their natural tendencies and the shaft they are using, TC uses frequency matching – a precise measure of calibrating the flex of the shaft through electronic calibration – to match the correct shaft for the player. Shaft flex is a personal thing and TC will quickly tell you that the flex written on the shafts of OEM manufacturers can vary as much as 10 frequency cycles across the R, S or X designation – the result: players compensate to unload the shaft in an effort to square the club face.

To find the correct flex for the player, TC has a fitting set that enables him to switch different shafts into the same head so that he can see which shaft flex the player unloads the best. It’s a fine art, but it sure works. When you repeat the process across woods and irons the result is a set of clubs that flex the same and therefore fell the same for the player. Simply put, whatever the player’s natural tendencies, they are playing a set of clubs that flex the same way for them, swing after swing.

The beauty of the process is that TC doesn’t have to “hard sell” anything – the results speak for themselves. When I had my driver fitting, I went from hitting my current driver where my miss was a high block to a much more playable flatter, 10 yard leak. This meant my dispersion pattern became much tighter (narrower) on mishits. But that’s not even half of it. TC then builds your club from the ground up to match EXACTLY the fitting prototype you decided upon. When I say build, I mean build. TC doesn’t just throw the shaft into the head, no sir. He runs the fitting club through his frequency oscillation machine to determine the specific frequency to find the exact shaft profile. Every shaft is then spine aligned (all shafts have a spine which is the point where the shaft oscillates the least or is most stable as a cylinder, least roll) and inserted into the club head so that the shaft and the club head react the same way.

I’ve been to his workshop and everything TC does is measured, checked, measured, calibrated and measured again. TC takes immense pride in his work – his wife nicknamed him Geppetto after the woodcarver from Pinocchio because he is such a true craftsman. I spent many hours talking to TC about all of the technicalities of his craft and he knows just about everything. Along the way he sent me pictures of my clubs under construction (who does that?!)!, showed me all the data points and answered all my questions. Nothing was too much trouble for him to explain, I never felt rushed or pressured into anything. The guy is just plain excellent!

As I wrote at the outset, I went for a driver fitting. Here is what I ended up with:

Tom Wishon 9* 919 THI Driver with ACCRA FX shaft
Tom Wishon 15.5* 950 HC 3 Wood with UST Mamiya Proforce shaft
Tom Wishon 21* 775 HS 3 Hybrid with UST Mamiya IROD Shaft

Before I went to TC I had never heard of Tom Wishon. Tom is a guru club designer who knows everything there is to know about club design and he designs beautiful clubs TC has all of Tom’s club heads in his fitting system. Now, I had always been a bit of a “label guy” swayed by the marketing of the OEM guys but the fact is that I hit Tom’s 919 THI Driver with the shaft that TC fitted me with better than anything I’ve hit. My driver has turned into a real weapon. My good drives are hammered and the ones I miss are very playable (I play to a 5 handicap). The same can be said of the 3 wood and hybrid – in all honesty, they are personalized tools made especially for me and my swing and they really work.

I also had TC fit me for shafts for my current set of irons – yes he can do that too! We took my 6 iron head out of my current shafts and TC went to work through his fitting process. It turned out that the shafts I had in my iron heads were way too light; swing weight was way out of whack. TC recommended KBS C Taper 130gm X for my irons. At first, I was incredulous but that’s exactly where the fitting came out on the test shafts. I should mention that on the test shafts there are no X, S or R. That’s deliberate, because everything is about shaft frequency. The whole process takes the bias or ego out of the testing process. The player ends up self-selecting the shaft based purely what the ball is doing!

I will conclude by saying that I am a discerning customer – by that I mean that I am a harsh judge of quality and true knowledge. TC has both of those qualities in spades. After he has built the clubs, you then go back to the driving range to test them. Yes, that’s right! TC doesn’t just deliver and drop. No, he wants to be sure you are happy and will make modifications if the feel is not quite right. This is a testament to the level of care, professionalism, passion and dedication he has. The Geppetto of club building is what he is. I should add that I also had him grind some bounce off one of my sand wedges – he does it all.

On pricing, you would be real surprised by how affordable the process is. TC is extremely transparent on all pricing, gives full and final pricing before doing any work. He is very upfront about everything. And, of course, having it done right the first time, and really knowing it is done right, saves money and disappointment in the long run.

So, forget about the big box stores who over promise and under deliver – they have nothing on the approach taken to club fitting and build that TC has. Believe me, I’ve now seen both sides and the results are not even close.

Verdun E
July 2016

Roger C writes:

I was introduced to TC by a friend who had just been fitted by TC and highly recommended him. By way of background, I have been playing golf for 5-6 years and as it is typical, I quickly plateaued, hovering around 100-105, breaking 100 on good days. I also used to play typical game improvement clubs that are supposed to be easier to hit but, as I quickly found out after meeting TC, do not ultimately allow one to progress.

TC built me an exceptional set of custom fitted irons that are fine tuned to my physical abilities and my swing. Like many, I was truly ignorant by the intricacies of club fitting. My fitting session with TC was incredibly thorough. It lasted 3.5 hours plus a free “orientation” of 1-2 hours when I received the clubs. In a very low pressure setting, he took the time to analyze my swing and was incredibly patient with me as I was trying a multitude of shafts and heads combination. In addition paying attention to the trajectory of each shot, TC was very focused on how the club felt throughout the swing: how the club loaded, how it felt the top, at the transition, at the release, he wanted to know if I felt the club “presence”, etc …

I ultimately settled on a set of Miuras CB 501 and Accra 90i shaft. To this day, I am in awe at how beautiful they are but also how much confidence I have at address and how buttery they feel on good shots. In addition to getting fitted, I took lessons with TC who proceeded to changing my swing quite radically. It is now more simple and natural for me with a more stable release (I also had a tendency to hook quite severely on misses due to rolling the club at release). Given the encouraging results with my irons, I had TC build me a driver. Up until then, the driver was my least favorite club. I had no confidence in it whatsoever and had a severe mental block; as a matter of fact, I have spent the last 1.5 years avoiding it completely. As TC aptly summarized, I was afraid of it. After a few range sessions with my new custom fitted Wishon driver, things slowly got in place. I am glad to report that after less than 2 months with my new irons (perhaps 4-5 rounds), I just broke 90 for the first time (the very first day I put the driver in play). I know that at this very moment, the golf gods are conspiring to get my next round in the mid 110s but I know my potential now that I am playing with the right set of custom fitted clubs.

I strongly recommend anybody who is using off the shelf clubs (or had the standard, sometimes quick and dirty hour-long “fitting” session at any of the large retailers) to pay a visit to TC. It is amazing how much more fun golf can be with the right set of clubs and the advice and guidance of a true artisan of the game who is as passionate about golf as he is dedicated to making his customers play to the best of their abilities.

David KM

Verdun Writes :

Here’s my feelings about my experience with you.
Being fairly new to the game, playing seriously for about 4 years, I wanted to make sure I had clubs that were maximizing my potential. So being bombarded by golf ads about the best clubs I did my research online to decide what clubs I wanted to invest in. I scheduled a fitting with the big box golf store. The PGA pro had me hit a few balls and quickly he suggested a set of clubs and before I knew it I was out the door. Being the supposed number one selling irons how could I be wrong? The new clubs showed up looking great and the flashy head covers confirmed I was ready to step up to the next level. Well over the course of the summer some improvement was made but I really expected more. Having just invested a sizeable amount of money I assumed I was just going to settle that maybe that’s is good as my game will get.

In my endless search for figuring out this game of golf I happened to land at the Perfect Lies Golf website. It was strange at first because much of what I read I had never heard before. The major brands of clubs never mentioned any of this stuff. I would come back to it from time to time and each time it would sink in a little more. I watched the link to Tom Wishon and felt like the big box totally robbed me. But having just been burned I was very skeptical about all the information at Perfect Lies Golf. You know, when somebody says “trust me” you better look out. I convinced myself that starting a dialogue with them wasn’t going to cost me anything. Even if I decided to schedule a fitting I’d only be out a small amount of money for the fitting and I didn’t have to buy anything.

Enter TC. Over the next several months I began an email dialogue with a fellow named TC. Never pressuring me but sharing with me his experiences and thoughts on the golf club. It was so much different than expected and TC’s self confidence that he could help me was almost tangeable. I remember telling my wife “this guy’s either the greatest con artists I’ve ever contacted or the most passionate driven person when it comes to his craft that I’ve ever encountered.” So I took the plunge and scheduled a fitting. TC said I’d have to fill out a survey first. I expected a handful of the usual questions. I recall as I filled out several pages of questions the excitement I felt that maybe the information they wanted really was going to create an interesting experience. But being cautious I decided it was most likely just a standard survey and no one was really going to read much of it. That was until my phone rang at 7:00 on a Sunday evening. TC introduced himself and for the next hour disected my survey and filled me with so much golf club crafting knowledge I was hoping to at least retain a small portion of it. I hung up the phone bewildered and shocked that someone with that much knowledge and experience was so interested in my golf game.

Fitting time arrives. The closest location for a fitting was two hours from my house. Feeling like I was really going all in to drive so far I mentioned the drive to TC. He calmly responded “well it’s a four hour drive from my house.” What? This guy’s driving four hours to meet me with no promises of me buying anything from me. We finally met and soon he had me hitting balls with my irons. Although he seemed very relaxed and casual, in a very curious manner he would make small remarks on each shot and even my address position. Always being correct. It was laughable that while it seemed at times he was hardly studying me he could tell me why I just hit a shot a certain way and be exactly right. It’s then I realized that he had a “gift” for his craft and could have only developed it by watching and taking countless swings with a golf club.

We spent the next two and a half hours hitting many, many, different combinations of iron shafts and club heads until together we decided on the best one. It was huge that we arrived at that place together. Never, ever, was I pressured or told what I was feeling. I never felt rushed that I only had a certain amount of time to make a selection. Of course in the end as a swung a 6 iron over and over again always getting the same results and flight pattern I was sold.

I have since been fitted for a driver and a putter. Each fitting given as much time, with no pressure, as needed to arrive at the proper club for me. All I can say as my game progresses that it’s a great feeling having a “frequency matched” club to pull from the bag. Where swinging my 5 iron feels exactly the same as my pitching wedge. Smooth and on plane. I’ll never play anything other than frequency matched clubs. Why would I? I can’t recommend Perfect Lies Golf strongly enough for anyone that wants to be sure they are playing with the best clubs for themselves as possible…..Mike F / 15 handicapper and falling.

David KM Writes:

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