We offer our Custom Golf Club services to everyone!

We are a full Service Custom Golf Fitting and Fabrication Studio

Certified Technicians that care for your individual custom golf club fitting needs There is no standard equipment in our facility

Everything custom in custom fit golf Clubs

We research the Golf Industry so you dont have to! We search constantly for new custom golf club products that are a legitimate benefit to all golfers, not just a hokey gimmick, but truely work.

From our unique Dynamic Frequency Fitting system, designed to be able to determine the exact full golf shaft loading profile that best suits your swing, for perfectly fit and matched custom golf club sets. To our custom golf club building techniques, which are completely based on the same engineering standards used by all OEM GOlf Equipment manufacturers in research and development, to our Performance Guarantee, find another custom golf club builder that will give you that.

Perfect Lies Golf is your answer to having the best possible custom fit golf clubs for your unique and individual custom golf club needs, without refinancing your home. There is nothing that we do that is anything except truly custom, with our custom built golf club sets; although we do regrip clubs. We even make sure you are measured properly for a precise fit for your grip, see if the big box stores do that for you. Did you know that having a golf grip undersized by as little as 1/16th of an inch can cause you to slice the ball? Neither do the big box stores ; )