This is my story

I’m Morten a husband and father of two.

I have always loved sports. 

Starting at age 2 I got a football from my mother and started playing with her in the garden whenever I wanted, which was usually always. 

Growing up it mainly was football, which I was very good at. 

And in the winter time when the season was over it was handball.

I tried different sports in school like Badminton, Tennis, Swimming, Cycling hell even Taekwondo. 

Badminton and Tennis, I quickly became good at as well winning local tournaments.

I was only allowed to do a summer sport and a winter sport though – and could choose whichever I wanted. 

However, I noticed I enjoyed it much more when a ball was involved.

And all my life I have always been told: 

“You’re good at any sport when a ball is in play”

Turning 13 playing football and handball like I always have, I soon had to decide which sport I wanted to take more seriously.

I have just gotten into a Talent Team in U13 football for the biggest football club near me – FC Midtjylland, and played well in a recent tournament with that team. 

So football was the obvious choice? 

So I thought.

I chose football and had to practice for another team from my hometown and city. 

I was 13 and after a while, I felt I wasn’t ready.

I lost the desire and will to play football.

I was no longer excited to play football.

And when you don’t have that fire inside you, or having fun – there’s no reason to continue.

So I quit football at the age of 15. 

My love for the game was gone.

Then what? 

I started taking handball a bit more seriously and quickly became the best player on our local team. 

I later went to business school in a bigger city and kept playing handball on the side. 

I switched teams to a much better one and started getting excited about where this would leave me. 

However, I have always been a slow starter you know? New coach, new place, new teammates. I just couldn’t perform right away as I wanted and that made me more impatient – which was really frustrating at the time.

And I would find out, that would always be the case whenever I had to adjust to a new environment and people. 

A couple of weeks later and some matches down to the line, I got much more confident in myself and my ability in that team, which led to elite performances. 

I soon played at the 2nd highest division in my country, being a left-handed talent (which is quite rare). 

A couple of years later I got a shoulder injury meaning I couldn’t throw the ball as hard as I wanted. 

That’s pretty problematic in handball if I must say so. 

A physiotherapist, a medical doctor, and a chiropractor all had a look at me only to say they couldn’t do anything about my shoulder. 

I had to quit handball at the age of 22, which was not what I wanted this time. 

It wasn’t fun as I really thought I could have made a career for myself.

But onto the next one. Which sport involved a ball and not require my arms as much?

My father and I tried golf and were instantly hooked, and have been ever since.

I got quickly good at golf as well playing me down as low as a 6 handicap. 

Then I got a beautiful girl, and before I knew it there were two little girls. 

That also meant I couldn’t play as much golf as I wanted, so I had to take a break. 

They’re soon old enough so Daddy here might get some more minutes on the course – at least I hope so 🙂 

Now I’m still a big football guy, even though I don’t play it, massive Spurs fan.

I Love Golf and Handball obviously.

I have a Wahoo Kickr Bike in the Garage doing lots of Zwifting on it.

I play padel tennis with my family and watch lots of sports on the television as well.

What can you say? I’m a Sports guy for a reason.

It’s why I hope this blog can help all of you guys with buying decisions, reviews, and how-to content.

I will take all my knowledge of multiple Sports and give it to you for free.

Welcome to my blog.

Morten Baltzer Holgaard

I love sports. My passion for THE GAME never stops. The thrill and excitement are what keeps me going daily.