KBS Golf Shafts

“When it comes to performance, in a premium golf shaft, for us there is no competition”

KBS golf shafts have been designed by the foremost authority on perfection in shaft design. What more can you say, the dedication of Kim Braly (KBS, Kim Braly Shafts ) for over 4 decades to the pursuit of perfecting shaft design and performance, unlike no other. Kim Braly not only has been responsible for every major shaft played on the PGA Tour, Rifle, Project X, and now KBS.

Continuing his dedication to Golf, and drive to develop what has become to be known as legendary performance, drives Kim Braly and KBS shaft development to perfection.

One of our criteria in fitting a customer is to provide the best advice we can for what your individual needs are, if we recommend a product that doesnt perform, then we failed you our customer. It would be easy for us to sell you exactly what you want. The problem with that is, sooner or later you are going to figure out, that we did just that, took the easy way out. Our goal is to educate our customers and provide them with the absolute best performance in equipment for there needs and budget at the time we meet. We are looking for customers for life, not just today, to build the trust and confidence you deserve.

We at Perfect Lies Golf, dont want to be just another “Fitter” or “Custom club builder”, we want to be the best. We dont rely on blind promises of OEM advertising, we take the time to research the products out there, seperate the good from the bad, and pass on the knowledge to you our customer. Our goal is to make a difference to our customers, to give them the performance they are looking for and to become a resource for you. We wont give you the answers you want to hear, we give you the answer that you deserve. The plain truth, no smoke and mirrors no blind promises, just pure performance.

Thats why we stand behind the manufacturers we do, they provide performance at every level.