When it comes to the world of professional golf, the focus is often on the players who hit the ball with precision and finesse. However, behind every successful golfer, there is a skilled and dedicated caddy. These unsung heroes play a crucial role in the golfer’s performance, providing invaluable support and advice throughout the game.

But have you ever wondered who the wealthiest caddy in the golfing world is? Who are the top earning caddies in golf, and how much do they make? In this article, we’ll answer these burning questions and unveil the names of the highest paid caddies on the PGA Tour.

Key Takeaways:

  • The role of a golf caddy extends beyond carrying bags and organizing equipment.
  • Top earning caddies in golf can make significant earnings through base pay and a percentage of the golfer’s winnings.
  • The richest caddies in golf in 2020 included Jimmy Johnson, Jonathan Jakovac, Austin Johnson, Paul Tesori, and Adam Hayes, among others.
  • The use of caddies in golf dates back to the 17th century and has evolved to become an integral part of the game.
  • Caddies provide emotional support, strategic advice, and course management assistance to help golfers achieve success.

The History and Importance of Golf Caddies

The use of caddies in golf can be traced back to the 17th century in Scotland. Initially, caddies were provided by the host club for the golfers. However, in the second half of the 20th century, professional golfers realized the benefits of having a personal caddy who understands their needs and requirements.

A good caddy not only carries bags and organizes equipment but also provides emotional support, strategic advice, and course management assistance. The role of a caddy is crucial in helping professional golfers maintain focus, and morale, and ultimately, achieve success on the course.

Throughout the history of golf, caddies have played an integral role in the game. They possess an in-depth knowledge of the course, providing valuable insights and guidance to their golfer. This expertise aids in club selection, shot execution, and navigating tricky terrain. Caddies are skilled observers, noting wind conditions, slopes, and hazards that may impact the golfer’s performance.

Moreover, caddies fulfill additional responsibilities such as managing the golfer’s mental state, offering encouragement, and keeping them calm under pressure. They act as a reliable companion on the course, ensuring that golfers are well-prepared and in the right mindset to make critical decisions.

In professional golf, the importance of caddies cannot be overstated. They are an essential part of the golfer’s team, contributing to their success and helping them reach their full potential. The trust and bond between a golfer and their caddy are formed through shared experiences and the understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

The Earnings of Golf Caddies

Caddies in golf have the opportunity to earn a substantial income through a combination of base salary and a percentage of the golfer’s winnings. The exact percentage varies depending on the golfer’s performance and the terms of their agreement with the caddy. When a golfer wins a tournament, a caddy can earn up to 10% of the player’s earnings, which can be a significant amount considering the prize money involved.

Top caddies in golf can make between $1,500 and $2,500 per week during tournaments. This income can vary based on factors such as the golfer’s success, the number of tournaments played, and the caddy’s experience and reputation. The best caddies, who work with successful professional golfers, have the potential to earn impressive salaries.

In addition to their salary, caddies often benefit from having their travel expenses and out-of-pocket costs covered by the golfer they work with. This further enhances their earning potential and provides a level of financial security.

Role of Performance in Earnings

The earnings of a caddy in golf are directly tied to the success of the golfer they work with. The more successful the golfer, the higher the earnings potential for the caddy. A caddy’s role in providing strategic advice, course management assistance, and emotional support can greatly impact a golfer’s performance and overall success.

For top-performing caddies, their reputation and track record can lead to lucrative opportunities. Successful caddies often become sought-after and may have the ability to negotiate higher base salaries and a larger percentage of their player’s winnings.

Overall, the earnings of golf caddies can be substantial, especially for those who work with successful professional golfers. Their income is tied to their golfer’s performance and success, making their role invaluable in the highly competitive world of professional golf.


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The Richest Golf Caddies in 2020

In 2020, several caddies stood out as the highest earners on the PGA Tour. Let’s take a look at the top earning bagmen in golf:

Jimmy JohnsonJustin Thomas$500,000+
Jonathan JakovacCollin Morikawa$500,000+
Austin JohnsonDustin Johnson$500,000+
Paul TesoriWebb Simpson$483,000

These caddies earned substantial amounts ranging from $483,000 to over $500,000 in that year alone, making them the richest golf caddies in 2020.

Notable Earnings

  • Jimmy Johnson, caddy for Justin Thomas, topped the list, earning over half a million dollars.
  • Jonathan Jakovac, caddy for Collin Morikawa, also earned over half a million dollars.
  • Austin Johnson, caddy for Dustin Johnson, also earned over half a million dollars.
  • Paul Tesori, caddy for Webb Simpson, earned $483,000.

These caddies’ earnings reflect their expertise, dedication, and the successes of the professional golfers they work with.


Professional golf caddies are the unsung heroes of the PGA Tour, playing a pivotal role in the success of golfers. Their expertise goes beyond carrying bags and organizing equipment; they provide invaluable support and strategic advice, helping golfers perform at their best on the course.

The top earning caddies in golf, such as Jimmy Johnson, Jonathan Jakovac, and Austin Johnson, have proven their worth by earning significant salaries. These caddies not only receive a base pay but also a percentage of the golfer’s winnings, making their incomes rewarding and well-deserved.

As highly valued and sought-after professionals, the best golf caddies possess a wealth of experience and knowledge. Their ability to read the course, provide insights on wind conditions, and offer emotional support can make all the difference in a golfer’s performance. Their contributions to the game of golf cannot be understated, as they consistently help players navigate through the most challenging aspects of the sport.