Have you ever found yourself waiting on the golf course, feeling frustrated by the slow pace of play? If so, you’re not alone. Golf can sometimes be a leisurely game, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s where ready golf comes in.

Ready golf is a concept aimed at speeding up the pace of play and making the game more efficient and enjoyable for everyone involved. It encourages players to be ready to hit their shots immediately when it’s their turn, reducing unnecessary delays and keeping things moving smoothly.

So, what exactly is ready golf? Simply put, it’s a set of practices and principles that prioritize efficiency and readiness on the golf course. By implementing these strategies, players can significantly reduce round times and enhance their overall golfing experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ready golf is a concept aimed at speeding up the pace of play in golf.
  • It emphasizes efficiency and encourages players to be ready to hit their shots immediately when it’s their turn.
  • Implementing ready golf practices, even at home, can reduce round times and make the game more enjoyable for everyone involved.
  • Ready golf offers benefits such as shorter round times, increased satisfaction with the game, and a more efficient overall experience.
  • Promoting ready golf and emphasizing etiquette on the course can encourage its widespread adoption and create a culture of efficient play and mutual respect.

The Principles of Ready Golf

Ready golf is a concept that involves several key principles aimed at improving the pace of play and enhancing overall golfing experience. By implementing these principles, you can play faster and have a more efficient round. Here are some essential ready golf rules and tips:

  • Line up putts and determine yardage: Before it’s your turn to play, take the time to line up your putts and calculate the distance to gain a competitive edge and minimize delays.
  • Select your club in advance: As you approach your ball, decide on the appropriate club to use for your shot. This saves time and keeps the game flowing smoothly.
  • Carry a spare ball for provisional shots: If you suspect that your ball may be lost or out of bounds, play a provisional shot with a spare ball to avoid unnecessary delays.
  • Limit conversations on the green: While on the green, keep conversations to a minimum. This allows players to focus on their putts and helps maintain a steady pace.
  • Avoid practice putts after finishing a hole: Once you’ve finished a hole, resist the temptation to take practice putts. Instead, move on to the next tee to keep the game moving efficiently.

These principles help create a smoother flow of play and reduce the overall round time. However, there are additional ready golf tips that can further improve the pace of play:

  • Fill in the scorecard while walking to the next tee: Rather than waiting until you’re on the next tee box, use the time in transit to fill in your scorecard. This reduces downtime and keeps you ready to play.
  • Give instructions to friends on the driving range or practice green: Instead of providing instructions and tips on the course, save these discussions for the driving range or practice green. This ensures that gameplay is not interrupted.
  • Leave carts or bags off to the side of the green and toward the next tee: By positioning carts or bags away from the green and closer to the next tee, you minimize delays and facilitate smooth transitions between holes.
  • Follow applicable lost ball rules: If you or another player hits a ball that may be lost, adhere to the rules for searching and taking appropriate relief. This helps avoid unnecessary delays and keeps the pace of play steady.
  • Allow the first player who is ready to tee off: Rather than strictly adhering to a predetermined order, allow the player who is ready to tee off to do so. This prevents unnecessary waiting and keeps the game moving efficiently.

Benefits and Impact of Ready Golf

Embracing ready golf practices offers numerous benefits for golfers. By speeding up play with ready golf, players can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Significantly reducing round times
  • Spending less time waiting on the course
  • Increasing enjoyment and overall satisfaction with the game
  • Helping golf clubs and courses accommodate more players in a day, resulting in increased revenue
  • Attracting new players to the sport by presenting golf as a more accessible and time-efficient activity

Ready golf allows golfers to experience shorter rounds, maximizing their time on and off the course. It eliminates unnecessary delays and ensures a smoother flow of play, keeping golfers engaged and focused. Not only does this lead to a more enjoyable experience, but it also enhances the overall satisfaction with the game.

Benefits of Ready Golf
Significantly reduces round times
Saves time by minimizing waiting on the course
Enhances enjoyment and satisfaction with the game
Allows golf clubs and courses to accommodate more players
Attracts new players by promoting golf as a time-efficient activity

Implementing ready golf practices not only benefits individual players but also has a positive impact on the entire golfing community. The increased efficiency of play allows golf clubs and courses to accommodate more tee times, which translates to increased revenue. Moreover, as ready golf presents golf as a more accessible and time-efficient sport, it can attract new players who may have been deterred by the perception of a slow-paced game.

By embracing ready golf and promoting its benefits, players and clubs can work together to maintain an enjoyable and efficient golfing experience for all.

Promoting Ready Golf and Etiquette

To ensure the widespread adoption of ready golf, it is crucial to promote its principles and emphasize proper etiquette on the golf course. Golf clubs and courses play a significant role in educating their members and visitors about the benefits of ready golf and encouraging them to implement these practices during gameplay.

One of the key aspects of ready golf etiquette is being respectful and considerate of others on the course. This includes being aware of other players’ shots and keeping up with the group in front. By being mindful of your pace and maintaining an efficient flow of play, you can contribute to a positive golfing experience for everyone.

Ready golf also promotes a few specific guidelines that help maintain a smooth and expedited game. For instance, it is essential to be ready to play when it’s safe to do so, allowing the first player to tee off regardless of scores. This proactive approach ensures that the game keeps moving forward without unnecessary delays.

Another important aspect of ready golf etiquette is letting shorter hitters go first. By giving them priority, you not only save time but also display courtesy towards fellow players. This simple act can go a long way in fostering a culture of mutual respect on the golf course.

By promoting and adhering to these guidelines, the golfing community can create an environment of efficient play and camaraderie. Ready golf presents an opportunity for golfers of all skill levels to enjoy a faster, more enjoyable round of golf.

Ready Golf Etiquette Guidelines:

  • Be aware of other players’ shots
  • Keep up with the group in front
  • Be ready to play when it’s safe
  • Allow the first player to tee off, regardless of scores
  • Let shorter hitters go first

By following these etiquette guidelines and promoting ready golf, we can contribute to a thriving golfing community that embraces efficient play and mutual respect.


Ready golf is a game-changer when it comes to speeding up the pace of play in golf. By embracing the principles of ready golf and implementing its practices, golfers can enjoy a host of benefits. Firstly, round times are significantly reduced, allowing players to get more golf in a shorter timeframe. This translates to increased satisfaction with the game and a more efficient overall experience on the course.

Promoting ready golf and emphasizing the importance of etiquette further encourages its adoption and improves the golfing culture. By being efficient and considerate of others, we can enhance the golfing experience for everyone involved. Ready golf is not about rushing through the game, but rather about being mindful of our actions and making the game more enjoyable for all.

To make the most of ready golf, it’s essential to keep a few tips in mind. Remember to line up putts and determine yardage in advance, select clubs while approaching your ball, and limit conversations on the green. Fill in your scorecard as you walk to the next tee and be aware of others’ shots. By following these simple guidelines, we can promote ready golf and contribute to a more efficient and enjoyable game for all golfers.