Ever found yourself pondering just how many golf courses there are in the United States? You’re not alone, my friend. Like you, Golf Digest’s continuous ranking of the top 100 US golf courses since ’66 has made me wonder as well.

Pouring over various sources and sifting through multiple databases to find an accurate number has been quite a journey. So grab your clubs and hop on my cart as we take a leisurely drive down fairway lane, exploring just how deep America’s passion for greens truly runs!

The Number of Golf Courses in the US

Currently, the number of golf courses in the US fluctuates due to renovations, closings, and new openings.

Current number

Right now, there are over 19,000 golf courses in the US. This number comes from a golf course list that is often updated. Every type of course is on this list. This includes both small and big ones.

I found this count very useful to know where I could play next!

Fluctuations due to renovations, closings, and openings

Golf courses can sometimes go through changes due to renovations, closings, and openings. These fluctuations are common in the golf industry and can impact the number of available courses.

Renovations involve making improvements or changes to existing golf courses to enhance their quality or meet specific needs. Closings occur when golf courses cease operations permanently for various reasons such as financial challenges or changing demographics.

On the other hand, openings refer to new golf course establishments that become available for play. These fluctuations affect the overall count of golf courses in the United States and contribute to the dynamic nature of the sport’s landscape.

Owning a Golf Course in the US

There are various options for owning a golf course in the US, including private clubs, public courses, and other entities.

Private clubs

Private clubs are exclusive golf courses that require membership to access. These clubs offer a more personalized and luxurious experience for golfers. They often have strict rules and regulations to maintain the club’s standards.

Owning a membership at a private club comes with benefits such as priority tee times, well-maintained facilities, and access to additional amenities like dining options and spas. Private clubs provide an environment where players can network and socialize with other members who share their passion for golf.

While they may be more expensive than public courses, private clubs offer an elevated level of service and exclusivity that many golf enthusiasts seek.

Public courses

I love playing golf, and I know many of you do too. When it comes to golf courses, there is a lot of variety out there. One type of course that you might be familiar with is public courses.

These are golf courses that are open to everyone, not just members or invitees. Public courses can be found all over the United States, offering opportunities for players of all skill levels to enjoy the game.

Public courses provide access to golf without the need for club memberships or high fees. They often have affordable green fees and offer tee times that can be booked by anyone. These courses may also have amenities such as driving ranges, practice areas, and pro shops where you can buy equipment or get lessons from professionals.

In the US, there are thousands of public golf courses scattered throughout different states. California is known for having a large number of public courses due to its size and popularity as a destination for both residents and tourists.

Other states like Texas and Florida also have an array of public options available.

Other entities

When it comes to golf courses in the US, there are not only private clubs and public courses but also other entities that own and operate them. These “other entities” can include resorts, hotels, municipalities, universities, and even military bases.

These establishments recognize the popularity of golf and have invested in their own courses to cater to their patrons or communities. Some of these entities may have restrictions on who can play on their courses, while others may be open to the public.

Regardless of ownership, these additional entities contribute to the overall number of golf courses available for enthusiasts across the country.

Where are Most Golf Courses Located in the US?

California has the highest number of golf courses in the US, followed by states like Florida and Texas.

Which state has the highest number of golf courses

California is the state with the highest number of golf courses in the United States. With its beautiful weather and large population, California has a wide array of golfing options for enthusiasts.

From private country clubs to public courses, there are plenty of opportunities to tee off and enjoy the game in this sunny state. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting out, California offers an abundance of golfing destinations to explore.

So grab your clubs and get ready to experience some of the best courses that California has to offer!

Top states with the most golf courses

I discovered that when it comes to the states with the most golf courses, there are a few contenders. Florida takes the lead with over 1,000 golf courses, followed closely by California and Texas.

These states have a wide array of courses scattered throughout their regions, catering to both avid golfers and tourists alike. Whether you’re looking for public or private clubs, these top states won’t disappoint in providing plenty of options for your next round of golf.

The Future of Golf Courses in the US

The future of golf courses in the US is uncertain, with predictions suggesting potential growth or decline based on various factors such as changing demographics, economic conditions, and environmental concerns.

Predictions for growth or decline

Based on current trends and factors affecting the golf industry, it is expected that there will be a slight decline in the number of golf courses in the US. This is due to various reasons such as the high costs associated with maintaining and operating a golf course, changing demographics, and competition from other recreational activities.

However, it’s important to note that golf still remains popular among many enthusiasts and there are efforts being made to attract new players through initiatives like shorter courses or flexible membership options.

So while there may be some closures or consolidations in certain areas, overall the future of golf courses in the US looks promising with potential for growth and adaptation.

Factors that may impact the number of golf courses

Many factors can impact the number of golf courses in the US. Changes in local economies, shifts in population demographics, and land development are all important factors to consider.

Economic downturns can lead to fewer people playing golf, resulting in closures or consolidations of golf courses. On the other hand, areas experiencing growth may see an increase in demand for golf facilities.

Land availability is also a significant factor as it determines if new courses can be developed or existing ones expanded. Additionally, environmental regulations and zoning restrictions can limit the construction of new golf courses or affect where they can be located.


In conclusion, determining the exact number of golf courses in the US can be a complex task. With constant renovations, closings, and openings, the total count may fluctuate. However, there are over 19,000 golf courses listed in directories.

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1. What is the total number of golf courses in the United States?

The exact count or total number of golf courses in America is not known, but currently, there are over 19,000 courses.

2. Is there a complete guide for counting golf courses in the US?

Yes, a comprehensive guide to discovering the number of golf courses in the US exists which includes breakdowns by state such as California, Texas and Florida.

3. Are all golf courses in America open to everyone?

Not exactly. Some are public while others are private. So exploring public versus private golf courses in each state is important if you plan on using them for business or pleasure.

4. How many people work at these American Golf Courses?

Employment numbers vary greatly among different parts of industry including country clubs and other types of establishments present within it.

5. Can I find out how many Golf Courses exist outside the US too?

Yes! There’s also information available about numbers worldwide – like Europe’s numbers – as part of an even wider exploration process.