Perfect Lies Golf 3D  swing training program

Featuring 4D Motion biomechanical swing imaging and training  Understand your swing mechanics and see your actual swing planes, we can train you with our state of the art
4D motion 3D imaging system to understand exactly how your body moves through the swing and help you understand the adjsutments that you need to make to make your swing more effective
Move Better. Feel Better. Play Better

Determining factors of an efficient & effective golf swing:

  • Body/Swing Mechanics,
  • Enviroment, Attitude and awareness
  • Physical Conditioning
  • Mental Conditioning
  • Equipment

We are now also using the Zepp labs 2 3D in all of our golf fittings to ensure exact and precise fitting standard
Your body is the best golf equipment that money can buy. Investing in your physical condition can help you hit the ball further, improve your swing effectiveness most important prevent injury

Perfect Lies Golf interactive Lab Experience

The world’s finest players employ a team approach in order to compete at the highest level. An interactive approach brings the coordination of our team building approach to you our client, your team, we are your golf teams equipment specialists, combining the finest training and coaching systems together with an engineered approach to your clubs as well. Discovering performance one player at a time. With our swing analysis using 6-12 body sensors and 3D imaging software, combined with over 60 years combined golf teaching and coaching experience and Tour class custom fitting with our proprietary Dynamic Frequency Fitting System.
We bring Golf instruction to the next level of Golf Performance Instruction, our body imaging equipment will take your actual physical swing dynamics and render it in 3D accurately within milliseconds your data is transferred to your personal file to compare and contrast your swing characteristics to professionals swings and helps instruct you into the most efficient swing adjustments to make your swing as effective as possible. Through a series of unique physical screening tests correlated with a detailed golf swing analysis. These results are used to develop a detailed and customized program to achieve the maximum potential for each individual student.

Performance Packages

  • PLG fitness screen
  • 2D video swing analysis (high- speed video)
  • 3D motion capture with imaging report
  • PLG custom-conditioning program (with video/text of all exercises)

What to Expect From Your Training Program

Improved form and ball striking consistency, corrected posture, angle of attack, maximization of upper and lower transitions, stability, mobility – longer drives, better ball compression, and puring percentages, understanding of working the ball and transmitted feel, Injury prevention, focused practice sessions with developed drill sets, more consistent play, attitude adjustment, more fun, more consistent, repeatable, efficient swing sequence, decreased fatigue, more energy, better mental assessment of the game,

Golf doesn’t have to be difficult Train effectively Perfect Lies Golf Performance Centers
We are the CURE