Custom Club Solutions for every golfer and every Budget

Have a custom golf club set built for you today!

Considering upgrading your golf clubs, or just looking for your first set, we have the perfect set of matched custom built golf clubs for you. Dont waste your time being frustrated by improper fittings at the big box stores, why settle for one or two go to clubs in your bag, we fill it with go to clubs!

Perfect Lies Golf is your one stop solution for all your golf needs. Training and practice equipment, portable launch monitors from ES Sports, Custom Golf Bags, or just new grips, we are your one stop shop for getting your game together!

Don’t live close enough for us to fit you?

Perfect Lies Golf, Tour Van aka “Your Van” will come to you!* That’s right, get 3 of your friends together and book prepaid fittings and we will come to you! Have a club or organization that wants to get together for fittings, drop us a line, we offer several attractive packages to take care of all your needs! Does your club need a Professional fitter to represent your course, we will be happy to work with you.

Full Mobile club repair and mobile fitting services using our exclusive Dynamic Frequency Fitting System!

send us your go to club and we will build a set to match it in every aspect!

We believe KBS and Accra shafts are the finest performing shafts on the market today. Both companies design there shafts with the player in mind, Accra premium golf shafts are only available in custom built golf clubs from Accra certified premiere shaft fitters. You will never find an Accra shaft in an OEM club, unless it was re-shafted by a custom fitter. When we build custom golf club sets We don’t just take into consideration your club head speed; we analyze how you load a shaft and find the specific flex point and loading characteristics unique to your swing.

Our fitting process takes about 2 to 3 hours, when we are done, we will make recommendations to you for the ultimate custom built golf clubs. You will be able to tell us exactly what combination gave you the best feel for your sweet spot, you will be able to see the results of the right combination for you. After we have analyzed everything about your swing and tracked your results with our launch monitor, the decisions are easy. Afraid you can’t afford it, our prices are always less than the big box stores and your getting true custom fit golf clubs with our services.

Basic Package

We include a 2 hour custom fitting, complete set of irons 7 clubs 4-PW, with KBS Tour Shafts, Dual Compound corded Grips, Choice of different game improvement heads Featuring Tom Wishon Golf Technology heads, Acer XS, XS HT, XF, XS Professional, XF Professional, MDC Tour Blade, Silver Diamond RX tour, Silver Diamond Vx, Power Play Caiman X2, Integra forged steel blades or ATC Blade style head including, spine alignment, frequency matching and swing weight balancing of the set to your specifications all from $425 (pricing dependant upon head chosen), or choose FST 115 or FST125 shafts with select heads from $350

You want a different shaft, choose from 20 other manufacturers and pay the difference in the cost of the shafts or if you want to upgrade the heads to a Tom Wishon design, or any other manufacturer we only charge the difference in the cost of the heads and we will even include a 10% discount on the head upcharge!

Here’s the best part that no one else includes in there custom club fitting packages, we include 2 hours of fitting adjustment to ensure you are properly adjusted to your new clubs and understand how to hit them and control your ball flight at no additional charge and is included with every set of clubs we sell!

Interested in having us make a set for you and dont live in our area, we can help get you custom fit and engineer a set of clubs for your specific golf swing and profile, send us an email and we will help you develop a set for you and ship it to you within the lower 48 states for $30 or less!

Pick your shaft profile if you know it 5.0, 6.0. 7.0 etc. or any where in between and we will build the set to your specifications.

Have your own heads send us your clubs and we will reshaft them for you with your specific loading profile of shafts and ship them back within a week!

We are your solution for custom club manufacturing and design!