We are a true full service Pro Shop

As a full service Custom golf club fitting and manufacturing facility we strive to give you the best possible performance in custom fit golf clubs that is possible. We strive to provide each client with the individual attention and attention to detail you deserve. We dont rush you and give you 15 minutes with each club you want to try and limit you to 2 as the big box stores do. We cater to your needs, and give you the time you deserve to find the right shaft and head combination for your individual custom built golf club needs. Plan on spending at least 2 to 2 1/2 hours with us to determine your full shaft loading profile for a set of irons and the correct head for your needs.
We find that to be the average time it takes for a customer to make up there minds and have no reservations, there is no rush, we have spent as much as 8 hours with a client in one day to fit them for an entire bag, and we all had fun doing it! Thats what kind of experience you deserve, the service and attention to detail to give you total confidence you are selecting the right head and shaft combination for your unique needs and budget. Our clients describe it as the “Kid in the candy store effect”, so many things to choose from and so much fun trying them!
​Unlike big box stores that have all the equipment we do,we use ours! Daily, not once in a while. I was talking to a “club builder” at a big box store in Paramus last week, not only did he not know how to use the $1500 frequency analyzer, he didnt know what it did! Dont let the equipment fool you, if they dont have employees that know how to use it, it isnt worth having. Later, I found out that he had gone through some training, with there corporate department that made him a “certified golf club technician”, Wow I was impressed! So essentially he learned how to pull a shaft, how to glue in a shaft and cut it to length. How to remove and install a grip and that was about it. When my son was 7 he knew how to do all that and more. Do you want a 7 year old working on your equipment or a true Golf Club Technician?
In our shop we have a combined experience of over 70 years between 3 of us. It was this “Technician’s” second week so he had just over 80 hours experience, we could write a book on Frequency matching of clubs, custom club building and repair and custom club fitting. Their employees are busy reading the book. Dont get me wrong everybody started someplace, but I recently had a customer that had a new grip put on a putter at the same store, he had to come to us to have it orientated to the correct position. Scary isnt it, imagine if they do the same quality work replacing your shaft, or even worse a fitting!
The same store we watched a customer being fit for a new driver, the “Fitter” was recommending a new Jet Speed driver to a customer over a used club they were hitting. Ironically, the customer was hitting the used driver he was trying 20 yards further than the new Jet Speed. The fitter explained to them that the new club was a better design and best for them, it was also $300 more. Heres the scary part, the customer had a launch angle of 18 degrees with the Jet Speed driver and a spin rate of over 8000 RPM! Wow that ball would go backwards when it landed after it came back from the moon! The used driver he had a launch angle of 13.1 degrees and a spin rate of 3100 RPM almost text book results. SO why was the fitter recommending the new Jet Speed? I have no idea, honestly, that would not have even been an option if we had been working with them. Technically the performance of that club was his worst possible selection, but it was their first, very sad.

What not to expect from us

Heres the typical big box stores approach for shaft installation:
Ask the guy behind the counter whats the best shaft for under $100 and how much it costs to replace the shaft, pay for the one he told you worked best, Remove the old shaft, clean the hosel, sand down the shaft, prep the glue, apply the glue, stick the shaft in the hosel label up, after glue is cured install the grip with 2 layers of tape.

What you can Expect from us

Here is our process:

Basic reshafting, remove your head from the club and install a Faz-Fit adapter to install your head in our fitting set, provide you with a true fitting to determine your exact shaft loading profile for the club you want reshafted. After we have determined your exact shaft loading profile and return to the shop. We remove the grip from the head and shaft combination you were fit with, take a frequency reading of that exact head and club combination to determine the exact target frequency and flex the shaft needs to oscillate at to duplicate the results and feel you had in the fitting club.
Choose a shaft that has the same base frequency as the one built into the fitting set. Remove the Faz-Fit adapter from your club head, and clean the hosel. Take the shaft we chose for you and Spine align it, after it is spine aligned, we begin with determining the Flat line oscillation of the shaft usually takes 15 minutes to half an hour, we then clean the tip with a razor knife for graphite and lightly abraid it to ensure the epoxy adheres well and then we dry fit the head onto the shaft so we can put it back in the frequency analyzer take a reading and determine how much we will need to tip cut that shaft to match the one you hit. If we are also making it shorter or longer we can match the frequency slope by adjusting the frequency to a different reading based upon plotting the flex slope at that length.
After we determine the exact frequency and tip cut the shaft to match, usually 2-5 minor adjustments are required the process takes about 20 minutes. We can then glue the club together, taking extra care to orient the shaft in the FLO position 90 degrees to the striking plane and we dont care where the label is! It is where the club performs best and properly

Fitting process

We take the time to meet you in the environment that you play golf in, so you experience the distractions of golf, the change in grass grain that interferes with your game, the trees, the tee boxes, the pressure to perform. From that we can analyze what your game truly is all about and help you to get the most from your clubs for the game.
We will meet you at a location that is mutually agreeable to both of us, we make a practice of spending the time we need to make educated decisions about your specific game, swing, and needs. Plan on spending about 2 and a half hours for the fitting process. During that time we gather all your unique physical information and your specific swing data. Swing type, tempo, speed, and angle of attack, to put together what type of shaft, club head, and grip would be the most advantageous to your needs. Our fitting set has been developed with each shaft and type of shaft is in 3 CPM increments so we can dial you in to your exact shaft loading profile. Unlike the big box stores, they cant even get you within 5 CPM! Thats right, the fitting sets at the big box stores may list a shaft at a 5.0 flex or a 5.5 however that is only the correct CPM (frequency) for the specific head it was built to, if it is put on a head that is heavier or lighter than the one it was built on, it will change the frequency and flex profile for the shaft!

Shaft loading profiles

Our custom fit golf clubs are exact to your full shaft loading profile, there is no guess work with our process, we help you find the exact head and shaft combination that when you strike the ball you get that buttery release everyone dreams of. We also take the fatigue out of your game, everyone has a club in there bag that is perfect there go to club. How would you like to have every club in your bag feel like that perfect golf club. Thats what our custom fitting and building process gives you in your bag. That consistent relaxed swing you dream of having like the Pro’s on tv and the confidence of knowing your clubs will do the work for you eliminating all the swing adjustments you make to accomodate unmatched clubs: want to understand and know more about frequency matched clubs and our process click here!
Once we determine your needs, we can make suggestions to help get you on your way to a more enjoyable game. Then the decision is yours, with our guidance in the right direction for true custom golf club fitting and golf club selection. During the fitting process we will go over a complete swing analysis and if you would like a few pointers to help you get the most from the changes you want to make to your club set. For more advanced players we can perform a full club set gap analysis, which is part of our a la carte menu.
The basic fitting is included in the cost of the club work we do for you, or if you simply want an analysis and check of your existing clubs, we can perform that for free!

We are different ……………………. Our clubs come with instructions!

That’s right, go to a big box store and see if they will spend the time with you to adjust to your new custom built golf clubs. Upon delivery of your new clubs, we spend at least an hour with you as you test drive your new custom golf clubs and adjust to the feel. Yes that’s included in our cost, consider it a tune up lesson, we want to make sure you are happy with your clubs and for the time being, your new clubs need no further adjustments. That’s a service we provide our clients, because we care and believe golf shouldn’t be painful. It is a game made to be enjoyed in a relaxing environment, that can carry throughout your entire life. We want you to experience the difference that custom golf club fitting can make in your game and are dedicated to the belief that with the right custom built golf clubs you can remove the guesswork and frustration of trial and error.

whats the next step?

We had a great time fitting you now what?

Once we have all your physical measurements, your height, distance from your wrist to the ground, your grip size, and most important your lie angle, then we can begin the selection process for custom golf club heads. Depending on your particular goals and needs as a golfer we will help you select the correct golf club heads that will be the most advantageous for your particular golf game and needs. Letting you try them is key so you can get “the feel” that you want.
Using demo sets we have made up in our proprietary Dynamic Frequency Fitting System you can select the combination of shaft, head, and swingwieght that feels best for your particular needs. We then take all these factors and make a set of clubs to duplicate your decisions. If you have an existing club that you love the way it feels we can duplicate that feeling in your new set by matching the shaft frequency of your new set to that specific shaft. Graduating the set of shafts based on that target frequency and the existing golf club swingweight we can scientifically create the same “feel” in your new set of custom fit golf clubs.
We take the full set of measurements and develop specifications unique to your custom fit golf clubs, eliminating and reducing the potential for having golf clubs that don’t work for you. Think about the golf club set you have now, are there a few golf clubs you have simply never been able to hit? Absolutely everyone experiences that with off the shelf golf club sets. Why several reasons, the shaft alignment, is one of the big factors, manufacturers are seeking perfect presentation and uniformity, unfortunately the quality control in the manufacturing process doesn’t take into consideration important technical aspects like spine alignment or shaft properties.

Basic assembly process

We provide all of our clubs include basic spine alignment, a critical aspect of installing the shaft to avoid the natural deflection and twisting associated with the manufacturing process of the shaft. Whether it is steel or graphite when the shaft was made it has a “spine”, just like your spine it likes to bend a certain way. We orientate the shaft to its natural position that it wants to bend giving you a more consistent shaft profile and giving you a more naturally straight trajectory. Will this cure mishits, no but it helps to reduce the tendancy for mishit shots.

For the more advanced golfer and serious golfer:

Custom Golf Club Building options
Flat Line Oscillation and Frequency matching of shafts

Building on spine alignment we can take the scientific approach one step farther by performing Flat Line Oscillation to the shaft or FLO. With this process we take the spine aligned shaft and install a laser pointer on it, and by twanging the shaft we can find the exact degree that the shaft will oscililate in a flat line defining the true point where the resistance to wobble is gone from the shaft. Once we perform the FLO we can determine the exact CPM (cycles per minute) of the shaft and determine its true relative stiffness, and match the shafts within a set to be installed in your golf clubs.
I know your thinking that sounds expensive, look at it this way, when you buy tires for your car, if you get them balanced they don’t wear out as soon right? Also if you have them high speed balanced they don’t bump or wobble when you go fast right? So why would you want your golf clubs to have a little bump in them? That wears you out when you play, because you have slight mishits or the clubs just don’t feel as if they are in synch. Just as it is important to fine tune your car, there is no other way to fine tune your game.
The price you pay for the fine tuning, is relative to how intent you are to master the game and eliminate as many variables for failure as you can from your clubs. Do we recommend the advanced process for every golfer of FLO and frequency matching the clubs and is it necessary? Only if you are really concerned about achieving the lowest possible score you can and if you are a truly serious golfer. Is it expensive, not really in the grand scheme of things, our fee to perform that is only $10 per club when we are building them.If your clubs are already built then we have to start from scratch, pull the heads and see if we can re-orientate the shafts and if the existing shafts are close enough in frequency to dial them in.
That’s why we recommend Accra Premium golf shafts, KBS Golf shafts and UST/Mamiya Tour SPX shafts for our clients, they match the shafts weight and frequency in there manufacturing process, to the tightest standards in the industry, eliminating rogue shafts from the onset. These companies have the player in mind and at the forefront of there engineering of each shaft design.

Golf Club swingweight balancing

Have you ever noticed how different golf clubs “feel “, different when you hold or swing them, and if you currently have a set of clubs, some may “feel” different than others? Not only do the shafts play an important role in the overall feel of a club, the actual balance point of the club is affected by the head weight, shaft weight, and grip. To have a uniform feel to your clubs they need to be properly swing weight balanced.
We take your assembled clubs and test them to see what the existing swingweight is, once you decide which of your clubs feels the best to you or if you have a club from another set that “feels” good we can often times adjust the swingweight for a minimal cost, depending upon the change that we have to make to accomodate the swingweight balnce of your clubs.
For a new set we always swingweight balance all clubs to the desired level you choose. The fee for that is also included in our cost for a custom built golf club set when you purchase them from us. Again, we want to find the target swingweight that “feels” the best for you! Whatever swingweight you like, we can match to. Its all part of our process and thats why custom fit golf clubs are what is best for your particular game. We dont have standard set’s, that are off the shelf, like the big box stores. Everything is custom tailored to benefit you and your individual game, not someone that lives down the block or miles away, or there grandmother. Which is what you get from a big box stores off the shelf set of clubs.

Loft and lie adjustment

Every set of clubs we build is checked for the proper loft and lie of the club head, reducing the potential for manufacturing mistakes and standard deviation. We want you to have a set of clubs that the ball flight is correct, this gives you the correct “gapping” of your clubs. Clubs that aren’t correct to factory specifications, we correct for you. Should your individual needs vary from what the norm is, we can correct that too. I recently fit a professional baseball player, he was a power hitter. Super nice gentleman, however he was 6’6” tall, he also had very short arms and shoulders as wide as a building.
His problem, the off the shelf clubs he bought at a big box store, were 1” too short and the standard lie they came with left him with back aches and the frustration of the toe of the club digging into the ground, as he would swing, making him consistently hit the ball all over the place. The answer was re-shafting his newer clubs with appropriate length shafts and bending the lie of the club to an angle where the sole of the club was parallel to the ground when he struck the ball. Is this an extreme example, yes but it also shows how little a big box store cares about or knows about fitting a customer.
Off the shelf clubs are designed for the average person 5’6-5’10 with average body characteristics. The word average seems to come into play a lot here, how many people do you know that are average? Isnt that why they make so many sizes of pants with different lengths of inseam? Would you ever buy yourself a new suit or for the ladies an evening gown or dress and not have it tailored so the lengths were correct and it fit you perfectly? I know when I buy a suit my shoulders are very wide and even the best suits I need the collar role taken out of it, the sleeves shortened, the waist taken in, the cuffs put in the pants so they break on my shoes properly, and yes lets not forget the suspender buttons. So why would you buy a set of golf clubs, spend all that money and not have them fit to your particular needs?
Club heads move too, changing the factory loft and lie, how many times have you just thrown your clubs in the trunk in a hurry? Do you have a few clubs that you just cant seem to get the distance you did out of them? We recommend checking the loft and lie of your clubs yearly, to ensure the loft and lie remain the same. Just as when we build your clubs we will give you a print out of exactly what your clubs are set to for you with the advanced building packages. Dialing in your club heads and adjusting your personal club gap is critical to a successful game. Let us help you fine tune your existing clubs or use our services to build you a new set or modify your existing to your exact needs.
Even grips wear out over time, you traditionally can get about 40 rounds of golf out of a set of grips, or about 3 years at best to the point that they loose the texture and consistency they had new. Simple exposure to the elements especially the constant changing conditions of heat, cold and humidity in your garage break down the compounds in you grips. Tune them up by changing them regularly and being properly fit for them. Did you know that a grip that is too large can create a slice in your swing?Schedule a fitting now!