Driven To Perfection

“Accra iron shafts Outperform’s the best that Steel can offer” I can play any shaft I want for pennies, I choose Accra, the power to perform”

Performance, was always my Guarantee, with passing the torch comes many challenges, the hardest living up to my expectations. Accra exceeds my expectation’s for performance on every level. From transmitting the feel of the ball strike at impact, to giving me the feel of the club with every transition of my stroke. Accra performs, end of story.

ACCRA Golf is dedicated to developing golf shafts with innovative technology for the discerning golfer. ACCRA Golf believes that the only way to purchase a high performance golf shaft is to be fit by the world’s best club fitters (Certified ACCRA Fitters).

Creating an exceptional relationship with customers with constant communication being the key to ACCRA’s success. Certified ACCRA Fitters are knowledgeable professionals who represent the ACCRA brand with dedication and loyalty. ACCRA certified fitters form the front line of service in the golf industry and who better to provide input into the creation of new products than fitters themselves. Many of ACCRA’s club fitters have been significantly involved in the development of past and current successful ACCRA designs.

Another source of design concepts comes from the responses received from the world’s greatest golfers. ACCRA Golf has been privileged to be trusted by many PGA Tour professionals and we are grateful for the constant feedback received during the product development cycle. *