Driven To Perfection ……………………………….Power to Perform

Performance, was always my Guarantee, with passing the torch comes many challenges, the hardest living up to my expectations. Accra exceeds my expectation’s for performance on every level. From transmitting the feel of the ball strike at impact, to giving me the feel of the club with every transition of my stroke. Accra performs, end of story.

FX Series

ACCRA is proud to introduce an innovative line of shafts designed exclusively for the world’s best clubfitters. The ACCRA Fx Series of shafts offers 3 distinctive flight patterns enabling clubfitters to dial in weight, flex and launch conditions to perfectly fit every golfer.

To create the Fx series of shafts, ACCRA engineers used only the highest quality of materials to ensure quality, performance and feel. Each model of the Fx Series was independently engineered using ACCRA’s exclusive DyMatch technology offering golfers the ability to perfectly match their woods and hybrids dynamically.

The ACCRA Fx series of shafts will appeal to all levels of golfers from discerning golfers looking for a shaft to aid in launch and forgiveness to Touring professionals requiring stability and feel.

ACCRA’s DyMatch Technology is combined with a new S3 design, higher modulus materials, lower resin content, tighter tolerances from superior Japanese manufacturing all to create the best “DyMatched” line of shafts in history.

ACCRA Fx simplifies the entire fitting process – shafts are divided into 3 categories:

  • 100 series (responsive tip – High launch)
  • 200 series (Mid tip – Mid launch)
  • 300 series (Stable tip – Low launch)

Each Series includes multiple driver shafts, 1 fairway wood & 1 hybrid all “DyMatched”:

  • 140, 150, 160, 100F, 100H
  • 250, 260, 270, 200F, 200H
  • 360, 370, 380, 300F, 300H

3 driver shafts in each launch condition for ultimate fitting capabilities and then a fairway and hybrid shaft “DyMatched” for performance.

ACCRA Fx Series Launch Characteristics

Fx 100 Series:
Designed to promote a higher initial launch condition with controlled spin rates. Excellent for those wanting to increase launch angle and utilize a super light-weight shaft.

FX 200 Series:
initial launch condition with controlled spin rates. Excellent for those requiring some tip stability, yet still looking for the powerful kick though impact.

FX 300 Series:
Designed to promote a lower initial launch condition with controlled spin rates. Excellent for those requiring tip stability yet still looking for powerful kick and great feel.

Simple, slick & the ultimate fitting shaft line.
CTD (Constant Taper Design) for maximum transfer of energy and stability.
CFC (Consistent Flex Control), now available in all ACCRA shafts…… All similar flex shafts are the same blank flex regardless of the weight.